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The Crazy Seal Roofing System

What is Crazy Seal?


The Crazy Seal Roofing System is a revolutionary, fluid applied, seamless roofing system designed to permanently seal flat / low slope roofing applications like RV’stransportation vehicles and trailersresidential flat roofscommercial flat roofs, and more! 

Their chemical strategists and product testing teams spent years developing what may well be the strongest fluid-applied roofing membrane ever brought to market.  Aqua has now partnered with them! Thesystem is here and available to help you complete your seamless roofing project, backed by our 50 year warranty.

The Crazy Seal Roofing System was designed from years of research and testing across thousands of flat roofing applications. Combining several strength enhancing roofing systems into one unique and proprietary formulation, we were able to create a suite of products uniquely effective in solving your roofing problems.


Crazy Seal is the only silicone coating system on the market that uses Polyethylene fibers in its product. It makes whatever it’s applied to stronger. Think what rebar does to concrete. In the past, this has traditionally been a drawback to silicone coatings and a major concern for RVers where contact with tree branches are commonplace. In other words, it adds additional strength, durability and even scratch resistance.


Cheap coatings often are not much more than glorified paint, and at best, only offer a temporary solution. Often, you the buyer are not aware of the negative repercussions of using low grade products and end up in a loop repeating the process over and over again. As Crazy Curtis our Mascot says, “If you buy the best, you only cry one time!”


Nothing takes a beating like an RV roof.

Driving an RV down the road is like setting off a mini earthquake. You want a roof on your RV that can handle everything you throw at it and stand the test of time. With the Crazy Seal Roofing System, it is one and done! Properly apply our seamless roofing system and you’ll be cruising with the best RV roofing system money can buy.

Imagine applying a roofing system to your RV that would outlast the RV itself! The founders of Crazy Seal developed our product for the RV’er looking for a permanent, DIY solution to their roofing needs. Better by design, our high grade fiber-infused silicone based system is waterproof, highly reflective, scratch resistant, flexible, and tough.

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